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Listen Up

It took me twenty-five years

to feel what you planted

and how I wish that I had those years back

to feel confident




all the things you told me I wasn’t.


I didn’t know I had believed you

until I stopped.

When you told me I was nothing

worth nothing

knew nothing

deserved nothing,

my brain railed against it.

It threw wood at you,

defended me.

It yelled back,

even laughed.

I thought I had escaped.

Scotch free.



turns out,

my heart believed you.

Sitting quietly at a table,

hands clasped,

looking at you with wide eyes,

then looking down.


You spoke the truth,

it knew it.

And I may spend the rest of my life

convincing it otherwise.










Saturdays at the Club


The night you sat next to me
smelling of roses and old vinegar,
tapping the ashes off your
very long
like it had done something to make you angry,
I was thinking about leaving you for good,

and running off to Brazil
where I know no one
and can’t speak the language,
where the skies burst with rain
and the earth smells like lavender.

But you said, “Let’s dance!”
with such spontaneous
that I forgot to leave you,
forgot all about South America
until just now
when you lit that damn cigarette.

Originally published in Matter Journal, Volume 10: Village