Monthly Archives: November 2015

thank god for music

I will wear this song like a coat
thinking of old friends
and past lives.

Before I was expected to befriend the wives
stirring pots
talking diapers
wishing I was in the garage having a beer with my friends.

When my choices and their consequences were clearer
and only affected me.
When I could drive east between the sunflower filled ditches,
drowning myself in Radiohead till the sun set.

I will wear this face today
but you will not see me.
I am somewhere else today,
somewhere you can’t find me.

I live inside this song
its colors and its rhythms,
its story and the feeling that rises in my chest
every time I hit Play.


I Need a Rock

I need a rock
something hard to hold onto

something old and
I could break myself on.

No more water,
I need a mountain
large and unforgiving.

Earth’s skin under my palms
cold, bumpy and smooth.

Not alive but not dead,
no way.

I need a rock
to rest myself onto.