Where am I?

I wanted to grow up into the world
where I lived.
Why would I think otherwise?
When my legs were longer
they would look awesome in
legwarmers and a leotard
just like that woman from Flashdance.
When I was old enough to wear
nail polish,
I would paint them red
and push the buttons on the telephone
with style and efficiency
while cocking my head slightly to the left
holding the receiver to my ear with no hands.
How could I have known
that the world would be so different?
That when I got grown,
the world I knew would be gone
and replaced by a completely foreign one?
This must happen
in every generation?
As the world reinvents itself
moment after moment.
As my atoms rearrange.
As life twists up
over and over
like little tornados
or a bubbling soup
falling back down
in entirely new patterns.


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