Walking it Off

Televisions behind curtains, blinds half drawn
a cat in long grass.
A man mowing because it’s cooler at 8:30
in front of a dirty garage behind a huge Winnebago.
Two big dudes smoking at a small table
an obligatory wave from a man behind the wheel of a Ford
(do I look 40 to other people?)
Crescent moon
pink traily clouds on the horizon of a light blue sky
only moments left
Too bad the street lights came on
Now the colors of twilight are blocked.
My flip flops don’t seem tough enough on the
hot smelly tar
Do they always give you that backer of extra wine at Chili’s?
I’m totally spinny
on my 8th wedding anniversary
watching my present through the lens of the future
as always
nostalgic before
even over.


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