observations from the end of the trail


I see a van
down there in the trees
I hear the sound of my thoughts
and a light guitar strumming

I see mountains and
cool blue air
with glowing clouds that
disappear as quickly as
they come

I hear the rustle of grass
really, I do!
And the faraway lightning
catches my eye
over the city beginning to sparkle

I see a van
and a guitar lightly strumming

I see a man with a hat
walking down a trail
swinging his arms boldly back and forth
The crickets awaken
Do they sleep through the day?

Weary hikers, see that flash?

beep beep Oh San Francisco
how I miss California
If only we had done it the right way
we would’ve, had we known how

It is hard to appreciate
the beauty of a place
you are stuck in.

Image credit: H.M. Cadell BGS P612764


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